Welcome to THE RITUAL, Integrating body, mind & consciousness Safe, effective & holistic All of our treatments are: We conducted a comprehensive and individual therapy according to each constitution.


We are in Barcelona & Olot.

Following government guidelines, we have reinforced protection and hygiene measures in face of the current pandemic: “Our objective is to be able to continue offering wellness and serenity”.



Integrative acupuncture treats the cause of the imbalance of the organism thus eliminating the root of the problem and its symptoms. Our diagnostic methods are 100% personalized, based on palpation and observation of the body, making the treatment very effective and safe. Our treatment techniques learned in Japan and Amsterdam make it almost completely painless, so it is recommended for all types of people, including sensitive people, afraid of needles, people undergoing chemotherapy or even babies and children.

The OMS (World Health Organization) since 1979 recognizes acupuncture as effective for the treatment of at least 49 diseases and disorders.

We are experts in: Pain disorders, injuries, low back pain, osteoarthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, facial paralysis, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, gynecological disorders, menopause, weight control, neuralgia, facial paralysis, problems of the type: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, skin diseases, childhood diseases, side effects of chemotherapy.

“Our objective is to treat the cause of the imbalance, thus eliminating the root of problem


Initial consultation: 60€ 40€ (Special discount for COVID-19)

Follow ups: 40€ | 5 sessions bonus: 195€ 180€
Facial Acupuncture: 50€ | Treatment 10 sessions: 400€



Acupuncture point stimulation has been shown to influence the limbic system (center that controls pleasure). Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), thus releasing chemicals inside the muscles, brain and medulla. This is why acupuncture for pain is so effective. These substances modify the experience of pain or in turn release other substances such as hormones, which influence the body’s self-healing systems and stimulate physical and emotional well-being.

Efficacy demonstrated in: osteoarthritis, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, joint pain, sports injuries, generalized pain in the back, shoulders, muscle aches, facial paralysis, migraines, etc.


If we consider the health of our body in the 3 levels of the organism: the physical, the mental and the emotional; then we can understand that when there is an emotional imbalance, it translates into stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or any nervous disorder.

Acupuncture regulates and balances the 3 planes of the body, making it very effective in any type of emotional disorder.

Useful for: any type of anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, exhaustion, tiredness, insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, vertigo and any neurological disorder.

Acupuntura estética facial


Cosmetic acupuncture is a treatment that nourishes and tones the skin by inserting fine needles into the skin at both acupuncture points and areas to be treated locally. In this way we manage to naturally increase the local production of collagen and elastin, thus improving lymphatic and blood circulation.

With this we achieve: Reduce expression lines, wrinkles, improve facial tone and flaccidity, reduce bags, dark circles, acne and scars.


Acupuncture seeks the balance of the body to find its well-being. Through acupuncture and a healthy diet we manage to give the body the balance it needs. Our weight control treatments help to: eliminate fluid retention, decrease anxiety, reduce the feeling of appetite, regulate the endocrine system; in a healthy way and without side effects. 

It includes some guidelines to follow to eat healthy (they are not express diets) thus achieving balance the body in a natural way.


Women suffer from hormonal changes when we have menstruation and later menopause.

With acupuncture what we achieve is to shovel any symptoms derived from menstruation-menopause, like any emotional disorder you are going through.

If you suffer from: painful periods, premature menopause, cysts, irregular or heavy periods, pregnancy problems, difficult menopause, do not hesitate to contact us.


Under the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, auriculotherapy focuses and exerts its power on the ear, considered a microsystem that represents the entire body.

By means of seeds, gold / silver balls or small fine needles, various points located in the ear are stimulated, in order to stimulate and balance the organism, so that the energy and vitality are elevated and reorganized.

Auriculotherapy is a highly effective, non-invasive and painless treatment. Its benefits are numerous, highlighting: Weight control, Muscle problems, Pathological causes, Stress, Addictions. Consultation:25€



The “Shonishin” or Pediatric Acupuncture focuses on soft and specialized techniques of non-invasive treatment, that is, without needles, that children find comfortable and even pleasant. Amazing results can be obtained, even with very light treatments.

Shonishin techniques involve rhythmic movements, rubs, and pressure on the child’s skin to give different types of gentle stimulation. These techniques harmonize and strengthen the child’s vital energy and constitution. Consultation:20€



In love with Asia and its people, 13 years ago, I decided to change my professional path to dedicate myself to my true passion, to provide health and well-being to others.

This is how THE RITUAL was established in 2007, a center specialized in the integral care of people. Our goal is the balance between body, mind and spirit through acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

I have studied Traditional Korean Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture between Barcelona, ​​Japan and Amsterdam. I am a yoga and meditation instructor as well as a coach.

In addition to individual consultations, I conduct courses, workshops and seminars dedicated to self-knowledge, emotional management and the awakening of consciousness.

I perform painless, subtle treatment methods learned by blind Japanese acupuncturists (needleless acupuncture using non-invasive techniques).

Along the same lines and from the hand of Charles Chase and Dan Bensky, I have learned that the stimulation of very few acupuncture points is required, if we know how to listen to the body to give it what it really needs: “A single needle knowing where to place it can achieve an almost miraculous effect on the body ”.

Member of the Acupuncturist Society of Spain n. 80457.
Member of European TCM Foundation & Pan European Federation of TCM Societies. n 11602-2786. Member of EBTA (Toyohari Medical Association) & PEFOTS. 

Our body is a perfect machine, if we take care it with the heart & mind, we can get a long & healthy life.”

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